Sunday, December 13, 2009

Neobux Continues to Pay

Neobux is a PTC ( paid to click ) site. You are paid on average 1 cents per 30 second ad that you view. You're probably thinking that this doesn't sound like a lot but it really does ad up and takes less than 5 minutes of your time a day to complete.A lot of you that own blogs place ads on your blog which only pay a few cents per click. You do this despite the low pay out rate because you know that the cents ad up and eventually turn into dollars. To increase your earnings on this site you can refer your friends and earn half of their earnings.

HCD, Opinion Outpost, and Toluna Proof of Payments

Sorry I have not updated my blog in a while. I appreciate those of you that are still following and taking the time to read this update. I'd also like to apologize in advance for the poor picture quality of the payment proofs that are about to be posted. Hopefully Santa will bring me a new digital camera this year.

The first payment proof that you see ( this is the only one that seems to be legible ) is from HCD surveys. As with all of the survey sites I am a member of it's free to join HCD. Cash out is only $10 and the surveys are actually interesting, usually about current events, politics, social issues, etc. Another great thing about this site is they pay you for referrals. It's only 50 cents per person...but in my opinion, it's better than nothing for spreading the word.

The next proof of payment is from Opinion Outpost. This is the second check I have received from them. It's fairly easy to reach the minimum cash out amount since they only require $5. You can either request a check or an online Amazon gift code. Opinion Outpost will also pay you for each person you refer. For each person you refer you will earn 20 points ( which equals $2 ) upon completion of their first survey.

The final proof of payment is from Toluna ( which recently merged with your2cents ). It took a very long time for me to receive my check after the initial request..but they did pay. I strongly recommend using their VIP gift program when requesting payment because there is much less of a wait time. Since receiving the check I've also requested a $43 visa gift card ( from the VIP gift option ) and it arrived in less than a week. Toluna currently has not referral program that I am aware of.