Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cash In On Your Old Cd's, DVDs, Video Games, and Books

Do you have old Cd's, DVDs, books, or video games you no longer play or want? If you do why not sell them to earn some extra money or trade them for media that you do want.

There are several sites on the web that will pay you for the media that you no longer need or want. Most of these companies will pay you by check or directly deposit the money into your paypal account. How much they offer you will depend on how "in demand" your media item is. They will also take into consideration the condition of the item. For instance, they will ask you if Cd's have scratches. Once you've made a deal with the company you will need to ship them the items. A lot of companies will pay for shipping but be sure to check the FAQ section on each site to determine individual policies.

Other sites on the net will allow you to trade your Cd's, DVDs, books, and video games with other members. Most of these sites require you to pay your own shipping costs but if you send the items through the Postal Services Medial Mail option it shouldn't cost you more than $2.50. Again, remember to view each sites FAQ section.

Here is a short list along with a description of different websites that will either allow you to sell or trade media. - Allows you to sell your used Cd's, DVDs and games for cash. They will pay for shipping and payment is sent either through check or paypal based on what you request. All quotes are instant and you can of course choose to accept or decline an offer. You can send in as few as 6 Cd's at a time. - They claim to be the Internets largest buyer and seller of used Cd's, DVDs, and games. They have a most wanted list and will pay you $5 for any CD you sell to them that is on the list. You can sell your Cd's for either cash or store credit. You decide. - Trade your books, Cd's, video games, and DVDs for cash or merchandise. Items must be in good physical condition and value is assigned to the item based on current online demand. Customers are responsible for shipping the items. - List a CD, book, DVD, or video game you have to trade. SwapTree will then use a series of algorithms to determine what you can receive in trade for an item. Members are responsible for shipping items. - A social networking site that allows you to make new friends, Join/Create Groups and most importantly trade your DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Books for free.

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