Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bzz Agent

Do you love free stuff? I do. If you're like me and you enjoy getting things that you would consider using every day for FREE then consider signing up with BZZAgent.

Perhaps you're wondering what a BzzAgent is? BzzAgent connects marketers with the right consumers to activate honest word of mouth.They're a word-of-mouth media network powered by 600,000 people. They pair consumers with products and supply digital tools that make widespread opinion-sharing easy.

Why I recommend you join BZZAgent.

1. Discover cool new products, brands and websites

2. They send you cool FREE products to try.

3. Earn MyPoints for completing surveys, spreading Bzz and other activities.

BzzAgent Badge

Anyway, it's a really cool site and one that I think you'll enjoy.

My most recent BZZ campaign is the Bic Soleil Bella razors. They sent me a free 3 pack of disposable razors and 10 coupons for $3 off. I gave away one of the razors and all of the coupons. Everyone that has tried the razors love them. They have a very comfortable design that makes it easy to get to those "hard to reach" places and the blades rinse very well. Prior to trying this razor I had been using another brand that had 4 blades and they never seemed to rinse completely clean. I have no problem with the Soleil Bella.