Tuesday, July 07, 2009

HCD Surveys

HCD is currently looking to expand their MediaCurves panel. As a special promotion this week they are offering a 75 point reward ( 75 cents) for each person you’re able to have sign up and complete their profile. As a bonus your friend will receive 100 points for signing up ($1).

I’ve been a member of HCD for a few months now. I have not reached the 1000 ($10) point cash out level yet but have read on volition that people have received payment from them. They also have good reviews on surveypolice.com

The membership is free and the surveys are surprisingly interesting. Most of the surveys that I have received have been concerning political issues and involve watching a short TV or news clip and having your responses recorded. HCD also works closely with companies such as GE and Pfizer. It’s not uncommon to see results from their surveys or polls featured on MSNBC, Fox News, or in the Wall Street Journal.

Sign up with HCD here