Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Best GPT Site

SimpleGpt in my opinion is the best GPT site out there. And as I am sure you know that is a pretty bold statement for me to make considering how many GPT sites there are to choose from. Well, here is a list of the top 5 reasons I believe make SimpleGpt the best GPT site around.

1. The compensation for completing offers is higher than any site I have run across.

2. Instant Paypal. You can request to cash out every time your account reaches $5. Through Paypal payments are instant. I've never had to wait longer than 1 minute to receive my payment.

3. Active mods and Admin. SimpleGpt has great support for its members. If you have a question bring it to the chat box and one of the Mods will answer your question. If a Mod isn't available there are tons of active helpful members.

4. A great FAQ and tips section that practically walks you through the offer completion process and offers tips and suggestions to insure your offers credit.

5. Regular contests. There is always some type of contest going on whether it's for most referrals or most offers completed in a certain time frame. The offer completion contests more often than not have over 10 it's fairly easy to win a little extra cash. So far I have won two that paid $10 and another that paid $25.

Still not convinced this is a great site. Check out the pictures below.

I've made over $500 since joining this site in June.