Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I interact with and follow a lot of brands and even more bloggers because of my interest in giveaways and sweepstakes but also because in some cases I am truly a fan of the various blogs and brands and just want to show my support. It surprises me how much of this communication only goes one way. More often than not I do not get a reply or any type of acknowledgement from the brands or bloggers that I follow. I have to admit this bothers me.

I understand that people are busy. I get it. I happen to be very busy as well. So, as a busy individual it’s kind of a big deal if I am using my time to tell you how awesome you are or how great your products may be. I’m also human. So when my compliments or questions go unnoticed or are blatantly ignored it hurts my feelings and I have to admit .. your lack of acknowledgement makes me think that you as a blogger or a brand are not as nice, friendly, or awesome as I had originally thought .

I know I am just one person in a world filled with billions but it makes me wonder how you treat other individuals. I think that if you ignored those people as you ignored me and if only a fraction of them felt as I do about it you’re losing the confidence of a pretty good percentage of the people that do business with you or take the time from their busy days to read your blogs.

I read something the other day that noted common courtesy is not so common any more. Maybe it’s time for it to make a come back?