Friday, August 01, 2014

And.. so it continues

It's been a long week. I'm still feeling a bit stressed out and depressed but I suppose it's not quite as bad as it was last week. I've learned (ok, I'm still learning) to take life day by day.

I've made some progress with my husband's immigration and finally filled out all of the necessary forms and collected all of the required documentation. Along with saving the $420 filing fee.. So, I will be mailing that off either this weekend or very early next week. I think the whole process is tedious and ridiculous. Not to mention takes to long.. Even with filing the initial application it will still be at least 6 more months before we are together again.. I don't understand why in the digital age that we live in that it takes so long.. We're going about this the right way but it feels like a punishment that we have to be apart for so long.

It's been such a hot rain filled summer. I don't remember having a summer like this since I was a child.. Growing up I remember the summers would be hot and sunny during the day and then around 2pm the clouds would roll in and we would get afternoon thunderstorms.. it's been like that this year. Up until a few days ago we had 26 rainy afternoons in a row. I don't mind the rain much.. especially because I'm usually at work during the worst part of the storms but I hate the humidity that it brings...I've posted a few pictures via my instagram showing the crazy summer weather we've had.. Last week I even caught a picture of it pouring with the sun shining.