Tuesday, May 19, 2009


DealsNCash is a PTR ( paid to read ) very similar to Hits4Pay . In fact it is owned by the same reputable company as Hits4Pay.

There are a few differences between DealsNCash and Hits4Pay. though. The first being that DealsNCash is only open to USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia residence. The second being how much you can earn per email you are paid to read. You will earn .01 to .05 cents per email with DealsNCash and only .02 cents per email you read with Hits4Pay . The third difference is that DealsNCash only offers one level in their referral - affiliate program .. in other words you will only get paid for the emails the people you have directly referred read..where as with Hits4Pay you are payed 2 levels deep..meaning.. you are paid for the emails that are read by your direct referrals and the ones that are read by your direct referrals- direct refferals..hopefully I didn't make that sound to confusing or complicated.

Over all, DealsNCash is a great PTR program to sign up with if your looking to make a little extra money from home. They send out payments monthly to your paypal account if you've reached the $25 cash out thresh hold..if not your monthly earnings will roll over each and every month until you do reach the minimum cash out point. When you sign up they give you a $5 sign up bonus. Your best bet to make a good deal of money with this program is to refer your friends and family .. or use other methods such as traffic exchanges or free classified ads to post your affiliate link in. The more referrals you have.. the more you will earn.