Sunday, June 14, 2009

Online Surveys - A great way to earn extra income.

Taking online surveys is a great way to earn extra money. On average a survey will be approximately 20 minutes long and pay anywhere from $1-$5.Remember that is just an average, payments for surveys can vary widely. Occasionally when you take an online survey other earning opportunities will be presented to you. Sometimes you will be asked to test a product. Not only will you score a cool new product to try but you'll also be compensated for completing a survey about the product. Another opportunity that sometimes presents itself is a chance to participate in an online focus group. Last week I participated in a 60 minute online focus group for Survey Savvy and earned $20. The week prior I participated in a 40 minute focus group for Survey Spot and was compensated $25.

To maximize your survey earnings, sign up with several survey sites to increase your chance of getting survey invitations. When invited to a survey respond to the invitation promptly, quotas are sometimes filled or met rather quickly. Keep your survey profiles up to date this is how your eligibility for surveys is partially determined.

Avoid Internet survey scams. Do not pay to join survey panels or to have access to a database of survey sites. Before joining any site check it out. I recommend Survey Police they have a comprehensive list of survey sites that have been reviewed by others.

If you're new to taking surveys online here are a couple of sites I am personally a member of.

Survey Savvy
Opinion Outpost
Survey Spot