Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Paid to Listen to Music

SlicethePie is a financing platform for the music industry that enables new and established Artists to raise money directly from fans and investors. On SlicethePie, music fans are paid to review new song tracks and artist. You help shape the careers of new and established artists. The better you are at rating and reviewing artists the more you are paid.

SlicethePie is managed from the UK but open to artists and fans everywhere. Membership is FREE . You will review and rate random, anonymous tracks in a Scout Room. In return, SlicethePie pays the Scout per review. The better at Scouting a Scout becomes, the more they get paid (and the more influence they have).For instance in a particular Scout Room, a 1 star Scout may earn £0.03 per review and a 5 star Scout will earn £0.15 per review. In order to increase your Scout star rating you will want to take an appropriate amount of time to listen to tracks and write well written reviews. Remember the more stars you have the more you earn per review and rating. With your Scout earnings you can invest in any Artist in a live Showcase, transfer money to your Trading Account to purchase Contracts or withdraw your money via PayPal.

As with any site I recommend you review their FAQ section before joining. That's just a good habit to get into, no matter the site.