Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cook With a Crock-Pot

Owning a crock-pot is very economical. Crock-pots only cost around $10 to $100 to buy depending on how fancy of a model you get. They can help you save money on your grocery bill by allowing you to buy cheaper cuts of meat that become tenderized after cooking on low heat over a period of time. Cooking with a crock-pot will also help you conserve energy. The average crock-pot although taking a bit longer to cook your food saves you about 50% of the energy your oven would use in a shorter amount of time.

Another benefit to owning a slow cooker is the clean up is easy. Since you're cooking the whole meal in one dish there isn't much to clean up afterwards. You can also cook in bulk by making a large pot of soup,stew, or chilli. This will save you time and energy later in the week when you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner.

Here are a few great sites that offer some recipes for crock-pot cooking.

1. Better Homes and Gardens - classic crock-pot recipes

2. CDKitchen

3. A Crock Cook